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National Pizza Day Deals in 2021

Are you ready for National Pizza Day? Did you know there was a National Pizza Day? There is, and it’s today, on February 9th! Forget Taco Tuesday and get ready for Pizza Tuesday. First Some Pizza Trivia Of all US restaurants, 17% are pizzerias. The first pizzeria that we know of opened in Naples, Italy, […]

7 Steps to Take After You Become Debt Free

Congratulations on becoming debt-free! It is an accomplishment that few people achieve. You should feel proud of yourself for taking the final step to accomplish a debt-free life. Now, here are seven must-do goals after you become debt-free. Are you ready? Let’s Go! Take a breather The first one is a nice, easy one to […]

8 Brilliant Winter Life Hacks You Should Know

Along with cold weather comes the stress of managing everyday problems that would otherwise be simple to resolve. Icy windshields, colder homes, and boredom from staying indoors are just a few trivial things we’d rather not deal with. Check out these eight clever techniques that will solve your winter problems efficiently. Use Citrus Skin as […]

7 Ways to Make Money as a Teenager

Ryan Kaji has raked in almost $30 million from his YouTube channel. He has more than 40 million subscribers who tune in to his reviews of toys, family outings, and science experiments. He was recently featured on Forbes and was named the highest-earning YouTube star of 2020. Ryan Kaji is nine years old. Not everyone […]