5 Online Jobs That Will Boost Your Income This Year

If you lost your job due to the pandemic last year, you're wondering how you can find new ways to earn money. The Internet is filled with numerous jobs in diverse fields, and for people of all ages. The key is to be consistent in applying for these jobs and learning new skills so that you make yourself employable to online hiring managers. You want to review and revise your resume, and do research on the average salaries of the online job positions you're interested in. Here are a few neat online jobs to consider.

Online Tutoring

If you have a background in education, you can work as an online tutor. Companies such as Chegg and VIPKID are always seeking experienced and reliable tutors to assist students with a variety of academic subjects. Generally, you'll need a laptop or PC with reliable Internet, and a webcam along with headphones. Start by creating a profile on a tutoring site and choosing the subjects you're most experienced in. You can choose to work during morning hours, in the afternoon, or at night depending on which opportunities are available.

Email Marketing Manager

Many companies recognize the need for excellent email marketing but don't always have the time or skills needed to do it. If you're skilled in email marketing, then you can work as an email marketing manager. You would be responsible for developing the best marketing strategy based on your client's goals, and you would monitor the campaign's analytics to see how well it is going. Other duties include ensuring that the emails are mobile-friendly, generating new leads, and writing newsletters and press releases.

Graphic Designer

For those who love to design blog graphics, Pinterest pins, and Facebook banners, then graphic design is for you. Start by taking some inexpensive courses on graphic design through websites such as Skillshare or Coursera.  Then you want to practice your new skills before creating an online portfolio of your work.  Graphic designs create logos and other digital art for brochures, magazines, websites, and eBooks. They use software programs such as Adobe Creative Suite and sometimes PowerPoint.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for graphic designers is $50,000.

Guest Blogger

Some bloggers are not always able to blog consistently or come up with fresh content on a regular basis.You can help them by contributing as a guest blogger. These jobs are found on websites such as Upwork, Media Bistro, Entrepreneur magazine, and Adoptive Parents magazine. Go to Google and type in terms such as "guest bloggers wanted" or "guest blogger submission guidelines." When you write guest posts, it's important to write in a way that best suits the overall style of the blog.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are people who perform a variety of online office tasks for clients.  Virtual assistants' duties include:

  • Booking appointments
  • Calendar management
  • File management
  • Research and composing blog posts or newsletters
  • Transcription
  • Social media management

Virtual assistants need to be detail-oriented, organized and possess strong verbal and written communication skills.  They should be able to work flexible hours and independently.

These online jobs can help you boost your income and build a strong financial future.