5 Ways to Make Your Money Last Until Payday

Sometimes, life gets difficult, and we need to make our money last. You may end up in a situation where you don't have that much money left, so you need to avoid spending it until your next payday. Doing so can be difficult, so you may question the best way to hold out until your next paycheck. Luckily, we have five pieces of advice to help you avoid spending money, so you won't need to get some from your savings account to survive the week.

Take Advantage of Deals

As you focus on saving money, you need to take advantage of deals and coupons. While certain purchases may tempt you, make sure you avoid spending money unless you have something to lower the cost. You can always hop online and look for deals or go to your grocery store and see if what they have on sale.

Create a Daily Allowance

As an added point, you should create a daily allowance for yourself when you need to save money. You will need to determine how much money you have, how many days you have left until your next paycheck and divide those numbers. You can take this number and use it to give yourself an idea of how much money you should spend each day to help you hold out.

Avoid Eating Out

If you keep going to fast food places, you will quickly run out of money. Eating at your home costs less money than you would spend at a restaurant. For example, you could make yourself a nice meal with healthier food choices, or you could buy fast food and spend eight or so dollars on a meal. If you don't eat out as much, you won't spend as much money, so hold off on that fast food until you get your next paycheck.

Use Your Car Sparingly

Even though we need to drive at times, gas money quickly adds up, so you can save money by limiting your driving. Sure, you may need to drive to work, but you could hold off on going to the movies or somewhere else to save some cash. If you need a ride somewhere, you could always ask a friend to drive you and split the gas cost, allowing you to save some money.

Prioritize Your Purchases

Above all else, you need to prioritize your purchases when you make your money last until your next payday. This comes down to identifying your necessities, which will include food, water, rent, and any other expenses you need to live. If you want to treat yourself to something nice, you could hold off that purchase until your next payday comes around.


Getting your money to last until your next paycheck will be hard at times, but you should make the process easier as you use these tips. They will help you avoid spending money on unnecessary expenses while prioritizing the essentials. As you keep them in mind and apply them, you can make life easier on your wallet, especially when times get tough for you.