10 Keys to Obtaining a Life without Debt

10 Keys to Obtaining a Life without Debt

In your 20’s and 30’s accumulating debt may not appear to be an earth shattering event. Everyone has it and it feels like its just part of life. Buying a home, keeping up with the latest cars, upgrading technology, and taking regular vacations. It is all part of living the American Dream.

Yet in your 50’s and 60’s that same debt you have been carrying for decades now can feel like a noose around your neck, preventing you from meeting financial goals and obtaining the retirement you have always dreamed of.

It is never too late to change your habits and begin living a debt free life. These key steps will lead you to a life without debt and the worry and stress that comes along with it. Read more

Is Your Financial Ship Leaking?

Budget leaks can create a struggle to pay bills in a timely manner. And these costs are usually expenses that cannot be accounted for. The weeks go by and you forget to cancel a subscription or you are paying for ongoing services you never use. Money spent at convenient stores and spontaneous spending that adds little or no value to your life, yet drains your budget.

Finding and stopping these leaks may be the difference between living within your means or adding debt to your bottom line each month. Plugging spending gaps can create extra funds that may be used to pay down debt or build a rainy day fund, without impacting your quality of life. Read more