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National Pizza Day Deals in 2021

Are you ready for National Pizza Day? Did you know there was a National Pizza Day? There is, and it’s today, on February 9th! Forget Taco Tuesday and get ready for Pizza Tuesday.

First Some Pizza Trivia

  • Of all US restaurants, 17% are pizzerias.
  • The first pizzeria that we know of opened in Naples, Italy, in 1738 under the name Antica Pizzeria.
  • America’s first pizza restaurant opened in 1895 in New York City. Gennaro Lombardi was the owner.
  • The most popular pizza is pepperoni. Almost 36% of all pizzas ordered come with this favorite topping.
  • More than 3 billion pizzas are sold every year in the US, plus another 1 billion frozen pizzas.
  • On average, the average American consumes 23 pounds of pizza every year!

Because the 9th falls so close to Valentine’s Day, some pizza restaurants are creating heart-shaped pizzas. You’ll find them at Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, and Papa Murphy’s. If you prefer your pizza round or square, you’ll find plenty of money-saving deals to like this year.

Here’s Where to Find National Pizza Day Deals in 2021

Marco’s Pizza

Buy a large pizza, and you get a free medium pizza. You’ll need to use a promo code when ordering: BOGOCHZ.

Einstein Brothers Bagels

Yes, it’s not just bagels at Einstein Brothers Bagels. To celebrate National Pizza Day, they’re offering two slices of Pizza for only $3. Also on special is the Family Pizza Bagel Box for $5, half off the regular price. Inside is four pepperoni and four cheese pizza bagels.

Olive Garden

Pizza is not the specialty at the Olive Garden. However, to celebrate the day, the restaurant offers one entre and the second for $5 on National Pizza Day.

Dominos Pizza

Carryout pizza, up to three toppings, you choose from five different crusts, for only $7.99. If pizza doesn’t satisfy everyone, you can order boneless chicken breast or a 10-piece bucket of chicken wings. And for dessert lovers, Domino’s has Marbled Cookie Brownies. Specialty and extra-large pizzas are not included in the deal.

Papa John’s

Order Papa John’s new EPIC Stuffed Crust pizza with a single-topping, and you only pay $12.

Pizza Hut

Papa John’s is not the only restaurant with a new pizza offering. You might want to check out Pizza Hut’s new Detroit-style pizza. A vine-ripened tomato sauce and loads of cheese top four new pizza styles: Supremo, Double Pepperoni, Meaty Deluxe, and Double Cheesy. All are for $10.99, available for curb-pickup, carryout, or contactless delivery.

Chuck E. Cheese’s

A couple of money-saving specials are available at Chuck E. Cheese’s. If you order a large, single-topping pizza, you get a free medium pizza. And, if you use DoorDash, you get free delivery.

Hungry Howie’s

Not all Hungry Howie’s pizza chains are participating. If you have a restaurant near you, it would be best to call and confirm. Participating locations are offering a large 2-topping pizza for $10.99.


You’ll need to check with your local Grimaldi first. Not all locations are running a National Pizza Day deal in 2021, but for those that are, take advantage of an 18-inch cheese pizza, house or Ceasar salad, and a slice of cheesecake for $25.

Blaze Pizza

Order online, and you can purchase a large, single-topping pizza, your choice of cheese, sauce, and bottled drink for $10. Or, you can order two large, single-topping pizzas for $20.

Little Ceasars

National Pizza Day at Little Ceasars lasts until February 28th. Order online, and you’re eligible for a large, three-topping pizza for $6.99. Stuffed crust, deep dish, and thin-crust pizzas are not included in the special.

Celebrate National Pizza Day at Home

If you don’t feel like going out or ordering delivery, celebrate at home with the family and try out some crazy pizza recipes, like

  • Peanut Butter BBQ Chicken
  • Beer Bread pizza
  • Taco Naan pizza
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