8 Brilliant Winter Life Hacks You Should Know

Along with cold weather comes the stress of managing everyday problems that would otherwise be simple to resolve. Icy windshields, colder homes, and boredom from staying indoors are just a few trivial things we'd rather not deal with. Check out these eight clever techniques that will solve your winter problems efficiently.

Use Citrus Skin as Fire Starters

Oranges are typically harvested in winter, so we know you'll be eating plenty this season. Liven up your home with a fresh citrus scent by throwing a handful of peels into your fireplace and lighting up. Do this by saving them after you eat and letting the peels dry out for a couple of days near the fire or in an oven at a low temperature.

Keep Litter in Your Trunk

Yes, kitty litter should be kept in the trunk of your call all winter in case of emergency situations where your tires are stuck on ice. Sprinkle around the tires that are stuck for better traction on getting out. This hack may end up saving you money for having to call for help.

Home Remedies

Keep a stash of home remedies and ingredients on hand, just in case you are hit with the flu unexpectedly. Elderberry extract has been found to reduce the length and severity of symptoms caused by the influenza virus (seek recommendations from your doctor). Ginger is also effective at managing stomach and digestive issues (make your own tea using this super easy recipe). And of course, fresh vegetable juice, fruits, and water are essential to staying hydrated.

Draft Stoppers

Save money on your heating bill by purchasing a draft stopper for your front door. To save money and give yourself a project while cooped up inside, try making your own DIY draft stopper.

DIY Slip-Proof Shoes

Perhaps your current pair of boots or shoes are too comfortable to throw away, but they've lost traction. Try slip-proofing your own shoes by adhering sand or salt to the soles using this spray. This isn't a permanent fix but works for the shoveling boots that otherwise sit in the basement. We can't wear boots every day, so try sanding the bottoms of your work flats for better traction when you walk to your car.

Drying Your Shoes

Avoid the musty smell of shoes or boots that have sat out all night to dry by crumpling up newspaper and sticking it inside. Even the dryer can wear heavily on shoes, so using newspaper is a much more efficient method.

Cover Windshield Wipers

We all know the frustration of putting in the work of clearing off your windshield just to sit back in your warm car and have the ice from your wipers smear everything back up. Try putting knee-high socks onto the wipers so that ice doesn't build up overnight.

Removing Sweater Pills

Sweater weather is always a fashionable season however, not when they accumulate pills and fuzz all over. Grab a razor or a small pair of scissors and gently scrape it over the sweater. To prevent pilling, turn the sweater inside out, use dye-free detergent, gently wash, and lay it out flat to dry.

These life hacks are cost-efficient ways to solve trivial problems. Don't throw away your shoveling boots if all you use them for is just that-- shoveling; and don't throw away sweaters just because they look too worn. There's always some kind of hack for your problems, and we at Atlas Debt Relief love providing new tips on saving money.