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  • Minimum

    Making just the minimum monthly payments on your credit card balances can take decades to become debt free. Learn how long it can take to become debt free and how costly the minimum monthly payments strategy can be. Learn More

  • Debt

    Negotiating with your creditors to pay back an amount less than the full balance owed can be an effective strategy to lower your monthly payments and become debt free years sooner. Learn more about this popular debt relief option. Learn More

  • Credit

    A Credit Counseling program can provide relief from high interest credit card debt and also reduce your monthly payment at the same time. However, you’ll have to qualify and you’ll pay back 100% of the amount you owe. Learn More

  • Debt

    Consolidating your high interest credit card debts into a new collateralized loan can lower your interest rate and your monthly payment at the same time, but you must have a good credit score and verifiable income in order to qualify. Learn More

  • Home Equity

    Using the equity in your home to pay off high interest credit card debt can be the fastest and most effective way to eliminate high interest credit card debt, but qualifying requires a good credit score and you must have sufficient, verifiable income. Learn More

  • Credit

    If negative, incorrect and erroneous information on your credit reports are dragging your score down, working with a knowledgeable credit repair company can help you erase this negative information and get the good credit you deserve.Learn More

  • Bankruptcy

    If you have exhausted all other options and are unable to pay your creditors, Bankruptcy may bring protection from your creditors and the fresh start you need to help you rebuild your credit over time. Learn about the different types of Bankruptcy programs here. Learn More

  • Debt

    Use our helpful debt calculator to show how long it will take to pay off your high interest credit card debt. Just enter the amount you owe and your current interest rate and see how long it may take to pay off your debts under the different scenarios explained. Learn More

See How It Works

We realize the seriousness of your situation and the stress that it may be causing you and your family. Our team of planners and negotiators will work with you to craft a plan that will help you do the following:

  • Reduce your monthly payments by as much as half.
  • Pay off your debts within 2 to 4 years
  • Attain peace of mind because we do not collect a fee before we deliver results for you

Compare Your Options

Choices exist. You should explore them. When you do, we are confident that you will agree that the professionally executed debt resolution program offered by Atlas Debt Relief will help get you out of debt quicker and at a total cost that is far less than the alternatives.