Who We Are

As a leading financial services company with a focus on providing debt relief programs for consumers and small business owners, our team of knowledgeable and compassionate debt consultants works closely with our clients to understand their needs and concerns and develop a personalized program to help them become debt free in the shortest time possible. Prior to enrolling in one of our programs, we will provide you with a clear written plan you can review to decide if a debt resolution program is right for you. And you can rest assured that you will never pay a fee to our company until we have resolved a debt for you.

While no two clients we serve have the same set of financial circumstances or debt load, we work with clients every day, from all walks of life, who have one thing in common; a desire for a fresh start and a life free from the burdens of high-interest credit debt. If you are struggling to meet your minimum payments or have been unable to make several recent payments on one or more credit card accounts, our debt resolution program may be the solution you have been seeking to get your financial life back on track. Call us today, and let one of our specialists discuss your situation and provide you with options you can evaluate to determine if we can help.

Our Mission

At Atlas Debt Relief, our sole mission is to serve the needs of our clients who are overburdened with credit card debt and seeking options to become debt-free.

The Atlas Advantage

At Atlas Debt Relief, our first order of business is understanding your unique financial situation, including your debts, your assets, and most important the circumstances in your life, and how they have impacted your ability to pay your debts. Our team of expert strategists and negotiators can help provide immediate relief for your high monthly payments. At the same time, we will create a plan that will focus on resolving your credit card debts so you can move forward with your life. We have an excellent track record of favorable negotiations with credit card companies, banks and debt collectors. Just as important as our results is the speed in which we attain them. If you are like most of our clients, you will likely receive your first settlement within the first four months of becoming a client. And until that time, you will not pay us a fee, as we only collect when we achieve results for you. We invite you to contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation about your specific situation. We’ll lay out a road map to get you where you want to go, and show you how we can save you decades of time and tens of thousands of dollars or more in most cases.