The Best Sleeping Apps for a Good Night Sleep

Why is sleep important? Sleeping is a natural process that is quite vital to any human being. Sleeping enables you to rest, which will help boost your immunity and ward off ailments, whether mental or physical and productive.

How much sleep is enough?

To ensure that you operate optimally, depending on your age, there is a recommended amount of sleep that one should have. The CDC recommends as follows:

  • Newborns (0–3 months): 14–17 hours
  • Infants (4–12 months): 12–16 hours
  • Toddler (1–2 years): 11–14 hours
  • Preschool (3–5 years): 10–13 hours
  • School-age (6–12 years): 9–12 hours
  • Teen (13–18 years): 8–10 hours
  • Adult (18–60 years): 7-plus hours
  • Adult (61–64 years): 7–9 hours
  • Adult (65+ years): 7–8 hours

Sleeping Apps

As mentioned, sleep is quite integral to everyone. However, it is somewhat concerning that most Americans are suffering from sleep deprivation. Lack of sleep or poor sleeping patterns impact negatively on your wellbeing. Thankfully, there are free apps that you can download, and they will enable you to get to slumberland in no time. The following are some of our recommended apps to enrich your sleep.

1. Relax Melodies

This application is quite popular, as seen by having a 35 million community. The app also has an approval rating of 4.6 stars. The platform is quite intuitive, as one can integrate their favorite songs into the app. Users can also have access to several soothing tunes to help them off to sleep. You can use the app for free, and it is quite handy. You also have an option to upgrade your app.

2. White Noise

This is an application that is quite handy for those long travels. It is equally convenient if the trip coincides with your sleep time or sleeping in a new environment with unfamiliar or distracting noise. Users have the option of using a freeware version or buying a premium application. On checking their ratings, both applications are quite ingenious, and they can drown out the noise and enhance sleep.

3. Relax and Sleep Well Hypnosis

As we mentioned, sleep deprivation is not an everyday occurrence, and certain inhibitions trigger it. While hypnosis therapy is quite an expensive exercise, this application offers four recordings for free. The recordings are imbued with meditation and hypnosis that have been quite effective in improving sleep. The application has an approval rating of 4.7 stars and positive comments from the users.

4. Noisli

The application is also quite handy to help its users sleep. A user may select particular sounds that help them sleep, and it could be wind, thunder, or whatever sound that appeals to them. The app is also quite intuitive, and it has a timer to wake up users or countdown to sleep. Apart from just being a sleeping app, it can also be used to reduce stress and migraines. The application can be used as freeware, or you can upgrade to a premium version.


As we said, not having enough sleep is not suitable for your health. That said, there are times when we can suffer from insomnia. When that happens, the above apps would be quite useful in ensuring you sleep in no time.